In light of a recent news article discussing mandatory sleep apnea tests for transportation operators as a means of reducing accidents, trucking company Prime Inc released a statement noting the company’s efforts to reduce sleep apnea-related accidents.

Prime stated it is promoting sleep apnea awareness and testing among its drivers and those enrolled in the company’s student training program. Prime has a sleep lab at its Training Center where drivers and enrollees can undergo testing.

In addition to the sleep apnea lab, the company is implementing features like the Meritor OnGuard with Collision Mitigation technology, along with Bendix AutoVue Lane Departure System. The OnGuard system alerts the operator if the following distance is narrowing on the object ahead of the truck, and actively brakes the tractor to increase the distance between the forward object and the tractor. The Lane Departure System alerts the driver of lane drift; this is essential, as most operators will drift over the lanes when they are excessively tired or dosing.

“We realize how important it is to take a proactive role in promoting a healthy lifestyle among our drivers, and that includes sleep apnea testing. Fatigued driving and sleep disorders are two critical issues facing our industry, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our drivers and the safety of everyone on the road,” said Steve Field, director of safety with Prime Inc, in the release.