Canadian brewery Farmery Estate Brewery has partnered with Canadian sleep-focused digital health company Cerebra to help evaluate their locally grown, hops-based pillow spray product.
Cerebra brings sleep analysis to people’s homes. The study itself started with 10 individuals who had been identified as having sleep-onset insomnia through Cerebra’s in-home sleep study. The individuals used the hops pillow spray for a period of one week or more and conducted a second follow-up study to measure changes in their sleep. Results suggest the Farmery hops pillow spray improved the time to fall asleep for each participant, though further trials are needed to confirm safety and efficacy.

In addition to brewing beer and growing barley and hops, Farmery Estate Brewery, based in Neepawa Manitoba, has also been experimenting with extracting hop oil using a steam-extraction process for years, and researching other uses and applications for hops and potential hop-oil infused products.

Chris Warwaruk, co-owner of Farmery, says in a release, “We’ve always had surplus hops from our harvest. We were looking for something else we could make from our hops, and knew there was probably some health benefits. We started testing and prototyping a line of hop-oil infused health and wellness products, such as shampoo, lotions, lip balms and skin salves—and a sleep product that would become the DreaMist Pillow Spray, a blend of our hop-oil with other aromas such as sage, frankincense, and lavender.”

On the partnership with Cerebra, Warwaruk explains, “we wanted to go the extra step in conducting an exploratory study using scientific equipment to assess its effect on sleep, a first step to test if there was a real effect behind people’s use of it over the centuries.”

The CEO of Cerebra, Dawson Reimer, says he was excited to work with Farmery to bring real measurement in support of the scientific support for a hops product to be useful for sleep, and that this exploratory study meshed well with the goals of the company. “By measuring sleep where it happens, in the brain and in your home, Cerebra is uniquely able to bring objective, lab-quality sleep measurement to help individuals understand how sleep products impact their sleep. We are excited to see companies like Farmery explore the impact of their product on sleep,” Reimer says.

Farmery Hop-Oil Infused Pillow Spray is currently available for sale on the Farmery Estate Brewery website.

Cerebra’s in-home study is available for purchase in western Canada.

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