Lone Tree, Colo-located sleep wellness retail store Somnia has published a guide to help insomnia sufferers and their families understand this common sleep disorder. The e-book, Insomnia Insider Guide: What’s Really Keeping You Up at Night and What to Do to Help You Fall Asleep, is available for free download.

About 1.7 million Coloradans suffer from insomnia. Common side effects include daytime sleepiness, morning grogginess, and irritability, but left unchecked, insomnia can lead to an increased chance of developing more serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Somnia’s new e-book details all aspects of insomnia, from causes to treatments.

Among the guide’s features:

  • Descriptions of the two different types of insomnia—acute and chronic—and an explanation why other common sleep disorders may be mistaken for insomnia
  • Eleven different causes of insomnia
  • A wide range of solutions to overcome or lessen the effects of insomnia

“Everyone gets a bad night of sleep sometimes,” says Ann Fleming, Somnia’s sleep care coordinator, in a release. “But when bad nights of sleep add up to weeks or months, that’s a serious problem. Our new guide is a resource for people whose lives are affected by insomnia. Our ultimate goal is to provide proactive solutions so that insomnia sufferers and their loved ones can realize better health through sleep wellness.”