Even though 62% of Americans regularly suffer from symptoms of insomnia, only 20% believe they have the condition and merely 12% have been diagnosed by a doctor, according to the America: Insomnia Nation survey. The survey is supported by Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc, makers of Silenor prescription sleep medicine, which is used to treat people with insomnia who have trouble staying asleep.

The study found more than half of Americans are unable to stay asleep through the night. It also uncovered that:

  • On average, nearly three-quarters of Americans (72%) are missing out on almost 3 weeks of sleep per year (470 hours).
  • Many Americans (51%) feel that sleeplessness is glamorized and that successful people like CEOs and government or business leaders get less sleep than the average person.
  • When it comes to health, happiness, and well-being, Americans rank getting a good night’s sleep second in importance (46%)—just behind spending time with their family (69%).