Ci Therapeutics (CIT), a CannRx/iCAN:Israel-Cannabis joint venture, announces positive pre-clinical data on its ican.sleep program utilizing the patented CannTrap cannabis reactor platform developed by CannRx.

Ican.sleep is a cannaceutical (GMP, pharmaceutical grade cannabis product) planned to be available to people suffering from sleep disorders.

CIT has identified a proprietary cannabinoid profile, CRX-102, and is testing it used a validated and predictive animal model based on a standard dose of diazepam (10 mg), a commonly used prescription drug for anxiety and sleep disorders, as a positive control. The data demonstrated that the CRX-102 product is able to generate a response rate and predictable onset of sleep similar to those of diazepam. CRX-102 demonstrated a statistically significantly longer duration of sleep, more than twice as long as diazepam. There were fewer episodes of nighttime awakening and no apparent “hangover effect” upon waking.

Shimon Lecht, PhD, R&D manager of CannRx and Ci Therapeutics, says in a release, “The effects of CRX-102 are so consistent and pronounced that one can rarely measure similar robustness of results using other investigational small molecules.”

Bill Levine, DDS, executive chairman of CannRx Technologies, says, “Insomnia is a serious and widespread medical problem. Using pharmaceutical level standards of analysis and clinical testing, CannRx is developing the next generation of cannabis products that are supported by quality science, robust clinical data and a strong safety profile. Using the breakthrough CannRx technology, products that can be used to rapidly induce sleep with a prolonged ‘through the night’ therapeutic effect will be of great benefit to this population. We are excited about the opportunity to work together with the iCAN team and launch the ican.sleep product.”

Levine will be presenting the data at the CannaTech UK conference in London on October 25-26, 2017.

The CannTrap platform is a proprietary technology that captures and stabilizes cannabinoids produced either by smoking, vaporizing, or extraction technologies, resulting in cannabinoids that are soluble and bioavailable. The result is a rapid onset of effect with a prolonged duration of action.

Saul Kaye, co-founder of iCAN Israel-Cannabis, says of the new findings, “As an insomniac myself, I am proud to be involved in bringing next generation cannabis products to the market. Ican.sleep has been developed & formulated to be used with our medical grade personal portable nebulizer. Ican.sleep will provide, for the first time, a non-combusting, dosable, inhalation solution for people looking for advanced cannabinoid formulations. These strong results validate our collaboration with CannRx. We are excited to plan the launch of ican.sleep in mid-2018.”