The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), the national nonprofit patient organization for sleep apnea, has developed a Web-based directory of vendors of products and services for patients with sleep apnea and for those who snore.

“The purpose of the site is to provide a useful and reliable information resource about companies that can help those with sleep apnea and who snore,” said Edward Grandi, executive director of the association, in an announcement. “As a nonprofit, we do not endorse or recommend any product or service. We provide this directory as a public service to the 75,000+ consumers who visit the association’s Web sites each month.”

Each listing includes a short description of the product or service that each company provides, as well as the company’s Web site and contact number and/or e-mail address.

The ASAA established a committee to review each listing and reserves the right to decline providing a listing for any reason.

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