ResMed, San Diego, announces the release of the Mirage Micro for Kids nasal mask. This is ResMed’s second patient interface for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in children and now comes in a small headgear size with a small cushion suitable for children.
The mask features the MicroFit dial, which allows children or their parents to adjust the mask to make the most comfortable and secure fit. In addition to the MicroFit dial, the Mirage Micro for Kids incorporates other child-friendly features that help them adjust to therapy. ResMed’s Mirage dual-wall cushion maintains a stable, effective seal that is soft and comfortable enough to reduce pressure on small noses and sensitive nasal bridges. The mask’s design provides a clear field of vision, which helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia. The set-and-forget headgear clips, which retain the child’s preferred headgear settings, are easy to attach and detach. The air tubing can easily be attached and detached—convenient for children who might need to get up in the middle of the night.
Although the prevalence of diagnosed OSA in children seems relatively low, it has been shown that it is a common condition in childhood and can result in severe complications, including behavioral, cognitive, and health problems if not treated.1,2 Because children with OSA often display symptoms such as irritability, poor attention span, and lack of concentration during the day, it is often mistaken for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Comment on this product on Sleep Review‘s Facebook page.
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