CIRCADIAN, a company focused on providing workforce solutions for 24/7 companies, and Sleep Pointe LLC, developer of a sleep apnea treatment solution tailored specifically to the transportation industry, have formed a strategic partnership. The partnership will provide sleep disorder screening and treatment services to trucking, rail, aviation, oil services, and other round-the-clock businesses.

“This strategic partnership with CIRCADIAN accomplishes our joint mission to improve the health and wellness of employees within companies that operate 24/7. The value of this shared mission extends beyond the individual health benefits for around-the-clock employees to the cost-efficiency and bottom-line performance of the companies themselves—by reducing the incidence of fatigue-related accidents,” says Duke Naipohn, CEO of Sleep Pointe.

“Sleep Pointe’s impressive sleep disorder solution enhances CIRCADIAN’s fatigue risk management system and offers significant value to all 24/7 operations. When obstructive sleep apnea is effectively treated, companies see a 50% reduction in accidents and injuries and a 70% reduction in health care costs in this very expensive group of employees,” says Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PhD, CEO of CIRCADIAN.

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