Botts’ Dots and the Rumble Line: How They Saved the Trees in Snordom is a new children’s book by Michael Simmons, DDS, that uses the fairytale town of Snordom and playful characters to teach children about sleep-disordered breathing.

Botts’ Dots and the Rumble Line tells the story of Snordom’s inhabitants—civilized boars that snore excessively. The boars are engaged in the project of planting trees in Snordom to improve the landscape and cultivate truffles, one of their favorite foods. When the trees start falling down, the boars are consumed with the mystery of why the trees are not flourishing in Snordom.

According to Simmons, throughout his dental career he has found it challenging to effectively inform the public about sleep-disordered breathing and its residual effects. He aims to better disseminate this information with Botts’ Dots and the Rumble Line.

"I woke one morning with the idea of writing a book, but with the concept of reaching the public domain through the eyes of children. What better way to secure a future generation of awareness for these issues?" said Simmons, who serves on several committees of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.