Sleep Cycle, a popular sleep tracking smartphone application, announced the launch of “Forest Walk,” the first installment in a new spatial audio designed to provide an immersive and relaxing experience for its users.

Spatial audio enables listeners to hear three-dimensional audio where sounds appear to be coming from all around them. With the “Forest Walk” sleep aid, Sleep Cycle users will feel like they are surrounded by the sounds of nature as they fall asleep.

“Everyone has that place at which they’re most comfortable, they feel most safe. At Sleep Cycle, we help our users find that place with soundscapes and ambiances as guides. ‘Forest Walk’ makes this even more real by providing a spatial audio walk through the woods,” says Andreas Roman, head of content at Sleep Cycle, in a statement. “Recorded, mixed and mastered with Dolby Atmos, it’s our way to help users come even closer to the wind and the trees, the birds and the creek, their place for rest and comfort.”

‘Forest Walk’ will be available for free within iOS to all users for a limited time only, eventually becoming an exclusive feature for premium users. This new innovative audio series, which also includes ‘Forest Creek’ and ‘Forest Pond,’ will join Sleep Cycle’s existing library of carefully curated and beautifully produced content to help the onset of sleep.

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