Signature Sleep Services has launched SLEEP960, a Web site resource center for a number of sleep industry products, services, and educational courses. The founders, Andrea and Michael Clark, are veterans in the sleep field with more than 50 years of combined experience. Their one stop concept evolved from the need to establish a single point of contact to purchase a variety of industry-related items.

Initial product offerings include Galaxy, a recently FDA cleared PSG diagnostic platform; SleepScreener, a tablet/smart phone combo for patient screening and electronic referrals; and Somnio, an Internet insomnia therapy program. Services include center accreditation assistance, lab setup and management contracts, and general consulting in a number of areas. A sister company, the Florida International Sleep School, rounds out the offerings by providing classroom, online, and distance learning opportunities.

“After researching the market, we felt there was a real need for a single Web site to find and purchase a more diverse group of offerings,” says Andrea Clark, president of Signature Sleep Services. “There are many sites out there offering lots of items, but it quickly becomes overwhelming if you are looking for more than one product, service, or educational requirement.”
“Another bonus for potential customers is the option to bundle items from a single vendor providing exceptional value added opportunities,” says Michael Clark, VP of Sales and Business Development. “Customers now have the option to purchase a complete PSG system and include a tablet referral program, an Internet insomnia treatment program, and educational courses for their techs all for a price unmatched in the industry.”

The Web site also has a consignment store where visitors can shop for refurbished or “never opened” items at considerably reduced pricing. The company will also take items on consignment such as used PSG equipment from a sale. The Resource Center on the site provides free downloads of industry-related white papers, technical specifications, and product slide shows. There is also a Mobile App section that lists and reviews a new sleep-related app each month.