Ambulatory Monitoring Inc (AMI), a manufacturer of actigraphy products, has entered into a strategic alliance with Clinilabs, a research organization that provides clinical drug development services to industry.

This alliance brings together AMI’s instrumentation with Clinilabs’ core laboratory, a provider of centralized data management for multicenter clinical trials. Clinilabs’ core laboratory aggregates and processes electrocardiographic, polysomnographic, electroencephalographic, and electromyographic data for clinical studies, offering pharmaceutical companies centralized services that standardize data obtained in multicenter trials.

Centralized actigraphy has been offered jointly by Clinilabs and AMI since 2005, paving the way for a strategic alliance that merges a respected name in actigraphic monitoring with an industry leader in global centralized data management.

“The alliance between AMI and Clinilabs provides a unique service that allows pharmaceutical companies to include activity monitoring in trials at a reasonable cost, offering the best service model in the industry today,” said Thomas Kazlausky, president of AMI.