Sleep960 has released SleepTutor, an Internet insomnia therapy program for primary care and dental sleep professionals.

The new SleepTutor website was designed specifically for primary care and dental sleep professionals looking for an effective, drug-free, Internet-based program to refer their patients suffering from chronic insomnia.

SleepTutor was developed to address the need for a drug-free alternative in treating insomnia that is easily accessible to patients referred from their primary care and dental sleep providers. It uses Somnio, a commercially available Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy program.

SleepTutor differs from other Internet-based therapy programs in that patients can enroll in the treatment portion only by a referral from their health care provider. Each medical or dental practice licensed to use SleepTutor is supplied with custom brochures that include a unique referral code allowing patient’s access to a webpage specific to their practice. This exclusive webpage contains information about the practice, providing the patient with a more personal connection to the program rather than visiting a generic website.

Another unique aspect of SleepTutor is that the referring health care provider is kept in the treatment loop. “An important factor in the success with this program is that the physician or dentist receives a copy of the patient’s summary report indicating the results of the program,” says Andrea Clark, director of SleepTutor. “Since we also track patients that may opt out of the program, the referring health care provider can be notified and made aware of the situation.”