WebMD: An obstructive sleep apnea patient describes their experience with an in-lab sleep study.

The doctor gave me a monitor to wear around my chest while I was asleep. It came with straps and was easy to put on. I also wore a finger monitor throughout the night to measure my oxygen levels. I did this for a couple of nights. In some instances, you may go to a medical center for a sleep study, but you can usually do it at home with a test kit your doctor prescribes. Talk to your doctor to determine the best way to do your sleep study.

Can I Take the Monitor Off?

While the monitor didn’t get in the way of me sleeping, it was a little bit uncomfortable. But it’s important not to remove the monitor or the device on your finger as this is how your doctor gets the information.

One thing that helped me was wearing the device for a little bit before I turned it on. Once it felt comfortable, I was able to turn it on and go to sleep.

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