Oslo, Norway-based adaptive smart sensor manufacturer Novelda has unveiled two sensor modules for detecting human presence and monitoring respiration, both based on its proprietary XeThru technology. These can detect presence just from the chest movement while breathing, and measure both the rate and depth of breathing, allowing breathing patterns to be tracked in real-time. Deploying its advanced XeThru technology, which uses radio waves—rather than infrared, ultrasound, or light—allows these modules to “see through” a variety of objects including lightweight building materials, duvets, and blankets to provide non-contact sensing at a range of up to several meters.

The X2M200 sensor module is designed for respiration monitoring of people of all ages for health and welfare purposes. It is particularly suited for sleep improvement systems and detecting sleep anomalies or other medical conditions. XeThru’s non-contact technology provides a reliable but non-intrusive way to monitor respiration and movement, capturing breathing patterns and frequency without being blocked by cot blankets or other obstacles.

The XeThru X2M300 module is intended for smart home automation where its capability for detecting human presence while being integrated into a building’s structure enables hidden, tamper-proof sensing.

“Our goal was to develop a supersensitive non-contact sensor that could enable adaptive IOT solutions and personal health devices, as well as advanced home automation. Today we release two very advanced XeThru sensors for creative designers to develop advanced sleep improvement systems and extremely sensitive presence sensors,” says Novelda CEO, Alf-Egil Bogen, in a release. “These are just two examples from an endless list of applications for these sensors.”

Supporting the introduction of these two modules, Novelda is offering the XeThru Inspiration Kit, a hardware and software platform that comes complete with two sensor modules and interface boards for connection to a computer. The kit allows developers to easily evaluate the performance of the sensors using the supplied software that supports: module configuration, visualisation of sensor data, and the ability to record data for later analysis.

“The Inspiration Kit is designed to be easy to use without any electronic expertise and can be used for evaluation, proof of concept, and prototyping. I am confident this will inspire and enable products the world has not seen before. With these sensors you can really add a sixth sense into a multitude of products for health, comfort, and safety,” says senior product marketing manager, Kjetil Meisal.

The $1,499 XeThru Inspiration Kit is available now through Novelda’s web shop. By entering the launch rebate code “LAUNCHPROMO” $300 will be taken off the price. This limited offer will last until May 31. The XeThru sensor modules will be available in the second quarter of 2015. Pricing for the X2M300 is expected to be around $69 (USD) each in 1,000 piece quantities and for the X2M200 around $76 (USD) each in 1,000 piece quantities.