Itamar Medical Inc, a subsidiary of Itamar Medical Ltd, and Arterial Health International LLC (AHI) have signed a representation agreement. Under the agreement, AHI, a provider of portable cardiovascular diagnostic solutions to the primary care community, will be Itamar’s exclusive cardiovascular diagnostic testing service representative and will market both EndoPAT and WatchPAT to physicians in 10 states in the US. AHI will continue to offer EndoPAT testing as a key component of the cardiovascular diagnostic test package it offers to primary care physicians and their patients. In addition, WatchPAT testing will also be added as a part of AHI’s suite of services. As part of the 3-year agreement, AHI is also committed to an annual minimum purchase requirement of EndoPAT and WatchPAT devices and accessories from Itamar Medical.

The EndoPAT, manufactured by Itamar Medical, is a device used to test the functioning of the endothelial layer that regulates arterial function. It is an FDA-cleared device intended for assessing endothelial function, diagnosing coronary artery disease risk, and other cardiovascular diseases.

The WatchPAT, manufactured by Itamar Medical, is an FDA-cleared home sleep testing device that diagnoses sleep apnea, a clinical condition which has been proven to be a substantial risk factor in cardiac diseases.

“We are very excited to continue to build on our long-standing relationship with Itamar and to promote both EndoPAT and WatchPAT as part of our Arterial Health testing. With the addition of WatchPAT for home sleep testing, we will further augment the already comprehensive offerings we carry,” says Doug McMillan, CEO of AHI, in a release. “We believe our collaboration with Itamar Medical will enable primary care physicians to better address the gaps that currently exist in early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

This agreement marks Itamar Medical’s entry into the mobile cardiovascular testing market and builds upon the momentum generated by other international agreements recently signed by the company.

“We recognize an increasing need and demand for arterial function testing, both as a clinical tool for family physicians, and as part of a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment. However, the initial investment to purchase the technology can be an obstacle,” says Gilad Glick, CEO of Itamar Medical Ltd. “Our agreement with Arterial Health allows our customers to overcome this financial challenge. It also helps us accelerate penetration into this important market, providing greater access to testing with proven ability to predict cardiac events for the benefit of physicians and patients in the United States.”