General Sleep Corp has launched the Zmachine HomeDirect system, a home sleep testing (HST) logistics service. 

The Zmachine HomeDirect system takes the complexity out of managing HST devices. Say goodbye to the time-consuming tasks of distribution, retrieval, patient reminders, sanitization, data uploading, and device recharging. Let General Sleep handle every step to provide sleep labs and physicians with ease and efficiency.

The Zmachine HomeDirect system delivers the company’s Zmachine, a level II home sleep study, directly to patients’ doorsteps. The device is equipped with EEG-based sleep staging and is ready for a multi-night study. After the study, the patient returns the device to General Sleep, where the data is uploaded into the customer account.

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What sets Zmachine HomeDirect apart is its flexibility. Practices can enjoy the convenience of an ever-ready stock of HST devices, precisely when needed, without the burden of subscriptions or monthly minimums. Pay only for what you use, exactly when you need it. Whether utilized consistently throughout the year or only during peak busy periods, Zmachine HomeDirect caters to sleep businesses’ needs.

General Sleep incorporates artificial intelligence/machine learning-driven autoscoring as a standard feature. Healthcare providers can opt for enhanced services such as registered polysomnographic technologist review, medical doctor interpretation, and telemedicine services upon request.

“By leveraging economies of scale and investing significantly in automation, General Sleep is leading the charge in elevating home sleep testing,” says Richard Kaplan, PhD, president at General Sleep. “Our Zmachine HomeDirect service not only ensures a superior level of quality and service but also liberates sleep labs and physicians from mundane HST management tasks. This innovation allows healthcare professionals to focus on their primary role: the dedicated care of their patients. We take pride in pioneering this shift and raising the bar in the sector by handling these critical tasks.”