X-trodes, a developer in wireless monitoring solutions, has received a €5.2 million award from the European Innovation Council Accelerator to propel the development and commercialization of its home sleep monitoring solutions.

X-trodes has developed a wireless, dry multi-electrode patch array system for advanced bio-signals monitoring and analytics that can be used by individuals in their natural environment. The solution monitors EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG/EKG.

Traditionally, electrophysiology measurements have been confined to controlled laboratory or clinical settings due to their sensitivity and the specialized conditions required by existing equipment. Drawing on a decade of research conducted at Yael Hanein’s Neuro-engineering lab in Tel Aviv, X-trodes encapsulated an entire laboratory within a small, flexible, dry-printed skin patch. These patches can be attached to the skin, enabling continuous monitoring of signals from any part of the body, at any given time.

The solution empowers physicians, sleep experts, and individuals to track sleep patterns and vital physiological signals, eliminating the need for restrictive laboratory environments. 

The €2.5M grant and additional €2.7M equity investment from the European Innovation Council validate X-trodes’ commitment to pioneering innovation in the field. 

“With this substantial funding, we are well-positioned to expedite the development and commercialization of our groundbreaking home sleep monitoring solutions,” according to a release from the company. “By enabling the integration of lab-level monitoring capabilities within the confines of patients’ homes, X-trodes is empowering physicians and healthcare systems with an unprecedented level of accessible and comprehensive sleep tracking.”