The New York Post reviews popular products that claim to help consumers get better shut-eye.

GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Tracking Device For Restful Sleep, now $99

The GO2SLEEP is so powerful, it’s like having a bonafide sleep lab within the comfort of your own home. This smart technology connects to a lightweight finger wearable device that can precisely gather data on your quality and quantity of your sleep at night. By the time you wake up in the morning, a comprehensive report will be sent straight to your iPhone detailing your heart rate, body movements, sleep debt and REM.

Down Alternative All Season Comforter, now $107.95

Somehow, winter is right around the corner. So before Nor’Easters and Polar Vortexes are on the forecast, be sure you have a snuggly warm duvet on hand. Luckily, the All-Season Down Alternative Comforter (on sale for over half off its original price tag) is filled with 3D-3V fiber which feels and performs just like Goose Down.

Manta Sleep Mask v2 & Blackout Stickers, now $29.99

Thanks to our smartphones, laptops, tablets and other hi-tech distractions that live on our nightstand, sometimes the most intuitive things, like simply shutting our eyes at night, are easier said than done. Here’s how the Manta Sleep Mask v2 can help: This design blocks out all the bright lights on your electronics for the feeling of 100% complete darkness.

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