Sleep Number announced that, with the recommendation from a health care provider to help with a medical condition, sleepers may be able to apply their Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flex Spending Account (FSA) to their Sleep Number smart bed purchase.

Sleepers can visit Sleep Number’s website to learn more or contact their HSA/FSA plan administrator to determine their eligibility. If a sleeper’s FSA benefits expire at the end of the year, they have until Dec 31 to purchase a Sleep Number smart bed with their FSA dollars for the current calendar year. If a sleeper has unused funds in their HSA at the end of the year, those funds will carry over to 2024.

“HSA and FSA eligibility sends a clear message: Your bed plays a key role in your health,” says Annie Bloomquist, executive vice president and chief innovation officer of Sleep Number, in a release. “We are proud to help more people get the highest quality sleep for their health and wellness and are excited to improve even more lives through continued collaboration with health care providers. By applying HSA/FSA dollars to their smart bed purchase, we are able to reach a broader group of sleepers who will benefit from our innovations.”

Quality sleep is vital to health and well-being, and Sleep Number’s 23 billion hours of longitudinal sleep data informs the development of the brand’s science-backed solutions, such as the new Sleep Number app, which delivers a connected sleep experience, including the ability to download the monthly wellness report. Smart sleepers can choose to share their report with their health care providers for a more holistic picture of their health.

The following science-backed innovations may be eligible:

  • Next-gen Sleep Number smart beds: Sleep Number’s latest smart beds allow each sleeper to choose their ideal level of firmness, their Sleep Number setting. Every Sleep Number smart bed helps alleviate temperature challenges by cooling up to eight times faster. 
  • Sleep Number Climate360 smart bed: According to a Sleep Number survey, regulating temperature during sleep is an issue for most people, with 80% of couples reporting one or both partners sleep too hot or cold. The Climate360 smart bed helps address temperature concerns, keeping sleepers at their ideal temperature throughout the night. Sleep Number data show that Climate360 smart bed sleepers get up to 44 minutes more restful sleep per night.
  • FlexFit smart adjustable bases: Paired with a smart bed, Sleep Number smart adjustable bases elevate the sleep environment and allow sleepers to adapt and customize their bed to individual comfort preferences. The adjustable bases include features such as endless head and foot positions, underbed lighting, foot warming to help sleepers fall asleep faster, and let sleepers gently raise their partner’s head to help alleviate snoring.
  • DualTemp layer: Available in half sizes to allow each sleeper to individualize their side of the bed, the DualTemp layer delivers enhanced airflow performance and comfort, with multiple temperature settings at the touch of a button. While it works optimally with Sleep Number smart beds, DualTemp layer may also be used with non-Sleep Number beds.

HSA and FSA plans may vary, so sleepers should check with their plan administrator for details and to confirm eligibility.

Photo caption: Sleep Number smart bed

Photo credit: Sleep Number