Pod 4 Ultra features a new algorithm that detects and mitigates snoring for up to two people, along with enhanced cooling power, quieter operation, and a tap-to-control interface.

Summary: Eight Sleep has introduced the Pod 4 Ultra, featuring a new algorithm that detects and mitigates snoring for up to two people without requiring wearables. This model also offers enhanced cooling power, reaching as low as 55°F, quieter operation at 30 decibels, and a convenient tap-to-control interface. The Pod 4 Ultra includes an adjustable base that syncs with the Pod’s technology for customizable body positions and automatic snoring reduction.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Eight Sleep’s Pod 4 Ultra features a new algorithm that automatically detects and mitigates snoring for up to two people, enhancing sleep quality without the need for wearables.
  • The Pod 4 Ultra offers twice the cooling power of previous models, quieter operation at 30 decibels, and a new tap-to-control interface for easy adjustments in which users don’t need to use their phone.
  • Exclusive to the Pod 4 Ultra, the adjustable base provides customizable body positions and automatic snoring mitigation, while comprehensive biometric tracking monitors heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and sleep stages.

Sleep fitness company Eight Sleep has introduced Pod 4 Ultra, which features a new algorithm that automatically detects and mitigates snoring for up to two individuals in the same bed. 

Pod 4 retains the signature features of Eight Sleep’s Pod—such as biometric tracking capabilities for heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and sleep stages—while introducing new upgrades, including double the cooling power and a 40% reduction in noise.

Pod 4 now can reach 55°F even in extreme environments. Plus, this latest generation debuts Tap-to-control, a new way to manage the Pod’s features without using a phone, simply by tapping the responsive sensor areas on each side of the Pod.

This latest Pod generation is available in two models: Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra. Both models include the same core technology features like temperature regulation and biometric tracking, however, Pod 4 Ultra includes an exclusive adjustable base. This new base syncs with the Pod’s technology for additional features like snoring mitigation and adjustable body positions before and during sleep. 

Clinically Validated to Improve Sleep and Health

The technology behind Pod 4 has been clinically validated to increase total sleep time by up to one hour every night, increase deep sleep by up to two and a half hours a month, and reduce wake time by up to three hours a month.

A New Base for the Pod Ecosystem

Exclusive to Pod 4 Ultra, the new adjustable base is only three inches tall and fits into existing bed frames right underneath the mattress. The Base enables adjustable body positions before and during sleep, including reading and sleeping positions and also automatic snoring mitigation. 

It is controlled like the Pod through the Eight Sleep app or the new Tap-to-control, and it is compatible with existing bed frames and mattresses, holding up to 750 lbs.

  • A reading position ensures comfort when reading in bed with a 30-degree elevation of the head and slight elevation of the feet.
  • A sleeping position is designed to evenly distribute pressure across the body, reducing back pain thanks to a slight elevation of the head and feet.
  • With snoring mitigation, the base automatically elevates the head to reduce snoring when detected.

Detects and Reduces Snoring by Up to 45%

The biometric sensors within Pod 4 enable the detection of snoring using the vibrations emitted by the body, rather than using a microphone. Because of this, Pod 4 can determine which side of the bed the snoring is coming from as well as its intensity. Each morning, a user receives a report in the Eight Sleep app showing how long and intensely they snore.

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Beyond detection, Pod 4 Ultra can also reduce or even completely stop snoring through its base by automatically elevating a user’s head when snoring is detected, according to a release from Eight Sleep. This elevation has been clinically proven to decrease snoring by up to 45%.

All the Technology

Pod 4 features 36 advanced biometric and environmental sensors throughout its cover and hub that track heart rate, heart rate variability, snoring occurrences, sleep stages, respiratory rate, total time slept, time to get out of bed, and time to fall asleep.

The cover in Pod 4, which fits onto any mattress like a fitted sheet, has been completely redesigned using softer, more agile materials. It has a 20% slimmer profile, coupled with a blend of tubing engineered to be more adaptable to the body than previous iterations. This combination makes the technology feel “invisible” and practically doesn’t change the feel or firmness of the mattress it’s placed on, according to Eight Sleep. 

Two Times More Cooling Power

With two times the cooling power of prior generations, Pod 4 has been redesigned with a new thermal engine. This means that Pod 4 can cool to 55°F, even during heat waves. Pod 4 has been reconfigured to facilitate an increase in airflow, making the system more efficient in temperature regulation and 40% quieter than Pod 3, while delivering the coolest sleep to date—silently. Stable at 30 decibels, the Pod is also quieter when compared to most air purifiers.

A New Way to Control Pod 4 Without a Phone

As a way to control the Pod without a phone, Eight Sleep developed a solution in the form of Tap-to-control, a responsive sensor area on each side of the Pod that a user can simply tap to control different features:

  • Two taps to cool down
  • Three taps to heat up
  • Four taps to raise to reading position or back to sleeping position
  • During an alarm, two taps to snooze or dismiss

Eight Sleep Member Experience

The Pod is now easier to install and includes more upgrades that improve the overall member experience:

  • Autopilot 3.0: The latest version of Autopilot offers more personalized adjustments, customizing the Pod’s temperature and elevation settings based on user demographics, historical sleep quality, and real-time sleep patterns.
  • Bi-annual maintenance filter delivery: Users can maintain their Pod’s health by using Pod maintenance filters delivered automatically every six months. This ensures the Pod is always clean and running at optimal performance.

Pod 4 is available to purchase online in the United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other US territories), the European Union (excluding Cyprus, Greece, and Malta), Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Pricing starts at $2,549 for Pod 4 and $4,049 for Pod 4 Ultra. 

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