Synthpop, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, launched a connected system of AI assistants for healthcare workflow automation, with sleep medicine clinicians and healthcare systems as its first customers.  

The initiative was made possible with a $2.6 million seed investment from Zelda Ventures, OVO Fund, Page One Ventures, Newfund, Think+ Ventures, AI Operators Fund, Flexcap, and Captra Capital.

Synthpop’s current customers are utilizing the AI assistants for a variety of routine tasks, including data entry into complex EMR schemas, connecting patient charts to clinical guidelines and payor policies in real-time, responding to denials and record requests, and providing real-time feedback and summarization during patient visits. 

“Our team has decades of experience delivering care and building healthcare solutions. With our deep understanding of provider needs, we were able to create effective AI solutions that clinicians and administrators actually benefit from using. Synthpop provides much-needed relief to healthcare workers by performing tasks that are tedious and time-consuming,” says director of clinical operations Drew Copeland, who has over 20 years of healthcare experience and managed Mount Sinai’s sleep medicine program, in a release. 

Synthpop’s AI assistants are fine-tuned using existing medical data. The solution is HIPAA-compliant and accurate out-of-the-box, eliminating the need for lengthy integrations, according to a release from Synthpop.

“We developed a unique method to de-identify medical records, which enables us to fine-tune large language models without risking exposure. Privacy and security are paramount, and we make sure that our methods adhere to the strictest standards,” says Jan Jannink, chief technology officer and co-founder of Synthpop and a lecturer at Stanford University, where he is set to teach a class on developing applications with large language models in the upcoming school year, in a release.

Elad Ferber, CEO and co-founder of Synthpop, says in a release, “After a decade in the healthcare space, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is to optimize workflows in health systems. We are on a mission to change that. Using the right data to fine-tune models, we are able to overcome complex barriers to efficiency. Our goal is to make our healthcare system faster, more efficient, and eventually, more patient-centric.” 

Ferber previously co-founded Spry Health, acquired in 2021 by Itamar Medical to improve sleep apnea treatment, and was vice president of remote patient monitoring at Zoll-Itamar until last December.

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