Emma – The Sleep Company has released a digital artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sleep coach, named Emma Up. 

The app provides hyper-personal, step-by-step programs designed to help individuals improve their sleep quality. Emma Up provides action-orientated advice, helping users incorporate sleep-beneficial habits into their daily lives, based on Emma’s in-house sleep expertise.

As Emma Up users progress, the AI coach learns from each of their individual experiences, which in turn enables the coach to deliver increasingly accurate, effective, and bespoke guidance in the way a human sleep coach would. 

“People have different sleep patterns, preferences, and lifestyles, and Emma Up’s personalized approach helps users reach unique sleep improvement goals,” says the company in a release.

Emma Up’s chat function enables users to communicate with the AI sleep coach. With continuous support, progress tracking, and adaptive features, Emma Up can provide support over time, helping users maintain healthier sleep routines in the long term. 

Offering scientific expertise from Emma’s sleep research team and AI technology, Emma Up is available on more than 10 app stores around the world, including the United States.