Circadian Health, a telehealth sleep, respiratory, and cardiac care provider, has been awarded a three-year contract to provide virtual cardiopulmonary services to IHPlans, a health plan in Boca Raton, Fla.

IHPlans, a national alternative health insurance company, helps small employer groups address cardiopulmonary disease management by providing their members access to coordinated virtual care and home testing/monitoring. 

IHPlans provides employers access to minimum value plans and minimum essential coverage plans to meet national and state regulations, with niche plans that are co-pay driven and offer zero deductible. To expand plan features and offer employers more transparency into their plan data, as well as a proactive approach for cost management, IHPlans has chosen to partner with Circadian Health.

With a multi-specialty center of excellence clinical team, Circadian Health expedites patient access to care and eliminates the traditional, siloed approach with brick-and-mortar providers, according to a release from the company. Proactive identification of members based on precise comorbidity-risk stratification and clinical evidence helps identify undiagnosed member conditions before adverse events occur downstream.

“Enrolled members get care plans through at-home diagnostics to help diagnose sleep issues, and cardiac and pulmonary disease, which in many cases are preventable, yet can significantly drive up overall plan costs,” says Ari Rostowsky, managing partner at IHPlans in a release. “It’s remarkable technology paired with virtual access to specialty providers; we are very excited to be able to offer this to employer groups across the country.”

Chuck Hector, president and chief commercial officer of Circadian Health, says in a release, “By creating an alternative to traditional settings, we reduce delays in care that can be critical for those members with emerging illness. We use risk stratification data from the payer and reach out to members to help commence their health journey. Once enrolled, we offer treatment plans, while managing and monitoring their conditions.”

Circadian Health is a subsidiary of React Health

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