Dental Sleep Solutions, which offers end-to-end implementation solutions for dental practices via its flagship product DS3 Software, has entered a partnership with GoGo Billing, which manages billing services for DSM, TMD, and other medically necessary dental treatments.

The partnership provides dental sleep medicine practices with a seamless patient management and medical billing experience, which increases staff efficiency and boosts profitability by maximizing reimbursement and minimizing patients’ out-of-pocket expenses. This integration dramatically reduces the dental staff’s time and aggravation regarding the claims process for oral appliance therapy claims.

Stacey Layman, dentist and founder of GoGo Billing, says in a release,“Incorporating OSA treatment for my patients was a natural progression and allows me to impact my patients’ overall health. In my own practice, I was slow to adopt a dedicated DSM patient management solution. I’m not the type of dentist that immediately goes out and buys the supposed ‘latest and greatest’ equipment, and instead, I wait until it’s been proven. I spent years flipping through paper charts and sleep studies. With DS3, I now have a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant system that allows me to easily track my DSM patients while keeping referring physicians in the loop.”