Synchrony’s CareCredit, which is a provider of patient financing (including for many sleep-related services), is now integrated into Henry Schein Inc’s dental practice management software solutions. The companies say that the integration offers dental practices more financing options for their patients while improving practice efficiency.

CareCredit integrates into Dentrix and Easy Dental, practice management software solutions offered to dental professionals by Henry Schein One, a joint venture of Henry Schein. CareCredit also integrates into AVImark® and ImproMed® veterinary practice management software solutions from Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions. CareCredit will give Henry Schein’s customers the ability to process CareCredit transactions that automatically write back to the ledger, helping to save time and minimize human error.

Helping patients and pet owners apply for CareCredit is also easier, as information is automatically transferred to the CareCredit application. As a result, practice teams can spend less time on administrative tasks, and are only required to complete a few fields of information and click “submit” to receive a credit decision within seconds. Additionally, teams can look up a cardholder account number when a patient or pet owner does not have his or her CareCredit credit card available.

“One of the value propositions of CareCredit is to ease the customer experience. The combination of CareCredit with Henry Schein’s practice management software is another example of how our longstanding relationship provides value to dentists, veterinarians, patients, and pets,” said Dave Fasoli, CEO, CareCredit. “It’s a big win when we can improve processes and remove barriers that providers and their teams face daily, and save them time in their busy day.”

Practice teams who accept CareCredit and use Dentrix, Easy Dental, AVImark, and ImproMed practice management software should contact their software provider for more information and to request a demo of the integration features.

“Integrating CareCredit into our practice management software solutions provides our customers with an easy-to-use tool they can rely on to enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and deliver solutions that make it easier for patients and pet owners to finance treatment,” said Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schein. “Our partnership with CareCredit is a win-win for practices, patients, and pet owners, and exemplifies Henry Schein’s commitment to helping practitioners deliver quality care and improve practice efficiency through the latest technology solutions.”