By Frank Long

May 11, 2007

In a move intended to establish a tighter business focus and create long-term value to customers, Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, will diverge into two separate organizations. Beginning July 1 the company will conduct separate operations for respiratory products and  mobility products.

The May 10 announcement was made against a backdrop of government-mandated competitive bidding activity, which Kristin Mastin, DeVilbiss Healthcare marketing director, says will not hinder the scheduled bifurcation.

“The split is making us more focused, and doing it in the environment of competitive bidding won’t hurt us,” Mastin says. “More focus is what all organizations need now.”

Sunrise Mobility, the new entity that will handle specialty rehabilitation products will retain Mike Hammes as CEO and chairman of the board. In 2000, Hammes was appointed CEO and president of Sunrise Medical.

Kees Regeling, who was appointed president of DeVilbiss Healthcare in July 2006 will continue on in that position and lead the respiratory care products segment.

Hammes said Sunrise Medical could no longer provide the necessary focus for both product segments as one organization. Regeling agreed, saying, “As a separate organization we’ll be better able to identify and plan for shifts in the market and react according.

“[The separation] really will strengthen our position as a player both domestically and internatioinally,” Regeling added.

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