Pharmacy Value Management Solutions Inc has entered into a marketing agreement with Jeff Liva & Co, whereby Liva, through his Preventive PLUS division will, among other things, introduce the company’s programs to his existing and potential clients and recommend the programs for inclusion in his clients’ healthcare benefit packages. Pharmacy Value Management Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanzeon Solutions Inc, which provides behavioral health, wellness, pharmacy management services, and sleep apnea programs, to employers, Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds, and managed care companies throughout the United States.

Forming the subject matter of the agreement are Pharmacy Value Management Solutions’ sleep apnea and pharmacy management services programs, and its parent company’s behavioral health and wellness programs. It became effective immediately upon signing last week and joint efforts between the two companies are set to commence this week.

Mark Heidt, president of Advanzeon Solutions Inc, said in a release, “We are extremely excited about this new relationship with Dr Liva, who is a national figure in healthcare specializing in the prevention of sleep apnea, among other areas of medicine. I believe this relationship dramatically advances the company’s ability to promote our sleep apnea program, as referenced in our release of August 6, 2014, and materially opens up distribution channels for our pharmacy management, behavioral health, and wellness programs. We look forward to this collaboration, which starts immediately.”