ResMed is launching a new initiative to educate women about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

The Better Sleep for Women initiative will challenge the myth that feeling tired is just part of living a busy life. It will encourage women to understand that sleep is a critical pillar of health, essential not only to living an active lifestyle but also to mitigating potentially serious health issues. A recent ResMed survey of 500 US women ages 40-65 found nearly half of those surveyed wished they got better sleep. However, fewer than 20% believed they need to make improvements in the quality of their sleep.

The program will also empower women to work with their physicians to determine when poor quality sleep is the root cause of a health issue as opposed to a symptom, resulting in better diagnosis of sleep disorders. It will focus on sleep as the third pillar of health, alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. The program will provide information, tips, and resources about women and sleep through a robust online experience including a dedicated website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). These forums will offer a platform for women to learn more about the many different aspects of sleep and to engage with other women who may be putting quality sleep last on their “to-do” list.

“Many women resign themselves to experiencing daily fatigue, blaming it on demanding schedules and busy lifestyles,” says Dr Carmel Harrington, a leading sleep researcher and author of The Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep, in a release. “It is critical that women recognize that constant fatigue or loss of energy is something that warrants a conversation with their doctor and that they need to make sure their doctor understands how they are sleeping to avoid a misdiagnosis.”

As people and organizations around the country recognize that women are facing a sleep crisis, Better Sleep for Women will provide a practical resource for women to understand their own sleep and its impact on their health.

“Sleep apnea, for example, is generally perceived as a man’s disease, but once women understand that their sleep, like other health conditions, may be different from what men experience, and then treat their sleep issues appropriately, they are able to get their best sleep in years and better enjoy their daily activities,” Harrington says.

ResMed has provided solutions for men and women for more than 25 years. ResMed launched its For Her line of sleep products in 2008, including specially designed CPAP masks. ResMed recently launched AirSense 10 Autoset for Her, the first and only FDA-cleared device that provides specialized sleep apnea therapy for women based upon specific female breathing patterns. It uses a clinically proven algorithm designed to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea in women. The Better Sleep for Women program is part of ResMed’s commitment to changing lives through better sleep and empowering women to get the best quality sleep necessary to live their healthiest lives.