Dental support organization Pacific Dental Services (PDS) announces three healthcare practices in one location—with the opening of Union Village Modern Dentistry, Union Village Kid’s Dentistry, and Union Village Medical Group. This healthcare collaboration is a new concept that increases access to care and enables patients to be seen by medical and dental professionals who understand the critical link between oral health and whole-body health. Sarah Oweis, DMD, and physician Elena Garcia, MD, have partnered to offer patients an integrated, holistic approach to their healthcare.

The new dental-medical concept practice seeks to treat the whole person, not just specialized treatment related to teeth or medical. There is overwhelming evidence to show that bacteria and inflammation in the mouth can indicate and even cause systemic conditions throughout the body. The reverse is also true: Certain diseases or medical ailments can spur or even exacerbate oral problems.

“For years, dental providers have known that the oral cavity is the ‘gateway’ to a patient’s overall health,” says Garcia. “When infection and disease go untreated, including cavities and periodontal disease, the inflammatory response in the mouth creates an overflow effect—chronic inflammation—which can lead to systemic conditions. This is why it is essential for medical and dental professionals to better communicate on behalf of patients. I am thrilled to be a leader in bridging that connection and increasing the collaboration between dental and medical professionals to help ensure better systemic health outcomes for patients.”

Using health record system Epic, these three healthcare practices can easily exchange patient data for improved patient care, with integrated health records painting a complete picture of a patient’s health, allowing health care providers to better map out a lifestyle plan designed to help them achieve and maintain optimal well-being.

“Imagine a patient being able to get their teeth checked by a dentist, and based on gum inflammation noted in their records, their doctor can order tests to check their heart,” says Oweis in a release. “With these new healthcare practices and their integrated technology, that is now a reality for patients to receive unprecedented care. Technology is key to dental-medical integration and whole-body health. This is the future. And Pacific Dental Services is at the forefront of it.”

The collaboration offers a variety of health care services, including primary medical care, oral health care for adult and pediatric patients, salivary testing, preventative medicine and arterial health, pulmonary treatments and testing, chronic disease management, sleep studies, ultrasounds, standard and comprehensive blood testing, medical and surgery clearance, hormone and testosterone therapies, Botox and Juvederm services, and more. Together, these practices fulfill the vision of bringing modern, integrated healthcare to local neighborhoods.

This new concept practice is located at 1135 Vitality Dr, Henderson, NV 89011 off the 95 freeway and W Galleria Dr., in the Union Village Plaza.