When you think of teams that work well together, you might think of your favorite sports teams or dynamic duos such as Batman and Robin—they work so well together, right? In this case, however, the dentist and writer team takes on a much different approach than saving people from crime. Although, I’d like to think that the dentist and the writer still make an impact on the lives of patients and other dentists.

While these professions are on two separate ends of the spectrum, they actually make quite the duo. Think about marketing. In order to gain new patients and get your name out there you need a marketing plan—a good one at that. With help from a writer, you can create a successful marketing campaign that includes social media management, blogging, and many other options. Remember, content is king and partnership with a writer can help you bring that motto to life.

Start Blogging Now!

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out as a general dentist or you are an established dental sleep medicine practice, start blogging as soon as possible! I understand that you are busy with seeing patients, but hiring a freelance writer can help to eliminate the stress of needing to think of topics to write about and blog weekly.

Working in a busy office while also traveling for lectures means I have little to no time to create blogs for my websites. I have partnered with Sara Berg as my freelance writer—she has been writing for my office for two years now. She writes for each of my blogs on an ongoing basis so that I can ensure I am constantly updating my website and informing my patients and other dentists about various topics.

When choosing a writer, make sure you select one you can trust and who can create topics that interest your office and patients. Start with the services you offer and then expand on those ideas. Think about questions your patients frequently ask and start writing. And once your writer knows what you want, the easier it gets. Weekly blogs can help you reach your patients and develop a trusting relationship because it shows you are an expert in your field.

Be Social, Be Active

You might already have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram, but are you using it to your advantage? In addition to your personal social media channels, create ones for your practice. By doing so, your writer can keep your social network up-to-date with important information, while also sharing your blog posts each week. Share important articles, updates on your practice, photos, and blog posts so your patients are constantly in-the-know for important information.

The number of times you should be posting varies from each network and how often you want your patients to be updated. Try for at least once a week and increase posting with each special message you want to share. A partnership with a freelance writer eliminates the need for you to post every week. The writer can update the social media channels for you with blogs and other informative updates—just make sure you give him/her access to those sites as well. And remember to share important information with the writer as it comes up. Because s/he doesn’t work in your office, s/he won’t see what goes on and what might come up otherwise.

Market Your Practice

Marketing is vital for a successful practice—how else will you reach current and new patients? Marketing covers all other areas for your practice. From website content creation to articles, newsletters, and e-mails, a writer can help you create each document. Send monthly newsletters to keep your patients up-to-date because, with a writer, you can more effectively create shareable information. Talk to your writer about information that should be included in a newsletter and you can get to sharing!

Even more important is your website. A website will allow your practice to be easily searchable on the Internet, so include accurate educational information about each of the services you offer at your practice. This is also where you will find your blog. Working with a writer will help you to create professional and educational content that your patients, and even other doctors, will want to read.

Become an expert in your field not only at your practice, but throughout the Internet as well. Working with a writer can help you reach your patients and other doctors, as well—it takes the stress off of you and allows you to have creative, up-to-date content for easy access in all areas. I hope each one of you gets the opportunity to work with a writer like Sara Berg. Without her help, I don’t think I would be able to market as well as I currently do. Reach out and get started today!

Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS, is the owner of Atlanta’s Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Center of Georgia. Patel’s expertise in craniofacial pain, TMD, and dental sleep medicine, in addition to the opening of his dental laboratory—MAP-LAB—allows him to successfully help other dentists improve their dental offices. View his blog at http://mpateldds.com/blog. Contact Patel via his website.