The Sleep Center Management Institute, Atlanta, released a newly revised and fully updated (September 2009) publication, Sleep Lab Compliance and the Law. This manual provides sleep professionals with an updated discussion of many of the legal concepts impacting the operation of sleep labs and sleep durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers.   

According to SCMI, Sleep Lab Compliance and the Law refers to many of the latest 2009 laws and offers “plain English” explanations of those rules and regulations affecting sleep labs. The book covers more than 100 subtopics over eight chapters, which include:

Chapter 1 – Overview of Sleep Disorders Industry
Chapter 2 – Getting Paid: Reimbursement – Generally
Chapter 3 – Medicare Reimbursement of the Sleep Test
Chapter 4 – Fraud and Abuse Laws
Chapter 5 – Joint Ventures and Other Combinations
Chapter 6 – HIPAA Privacy and Transaction Code Sets
Chapter 7 – Physician Licensing, Fee Splitting and the Unauthorized Practice of Medicine
Chapter 8 – Durable Medical Equipment

SCMI stresses that Sleep Lab Compliance and the Law does not offer specific legal advice and a reader must find legal advice only from their own legal counsel. However, this volume provides the reader a general framework and awareness of critical legal issues affecting the operation of sleep labs.