The Pain and Sleep Therapy Center in Newark, Dela, owned by Ryan P. Robinson, DDS, DABCP, DABDSM, saw its revenue increase by more than 20% after running a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop.

Run by Maggie Ogelsby, a certified MBTI practitioner, the clinic got these results within a month of its team development session on communication and trust, learning about their different MBTI personality types, how each other works best, and how to work together better.

They also learned what stops people from working at their best.

The workshop led to some unexpected changes in working practices. One change was asking some staff to enter the clinic through the back office instead of the front reception door. Why? To stop the customer-facing staff at reception from being burned out by small talk before customers arrive.

Patients as well as staff have benefited from the impact of these MBTI insights and the team’s behavioral changes.

“We’re getting more ‘yes’ responses from patients. The next month after the workshop, we went up about 25% in our monthly revenue. And we’ve been growing since then,” Robinson says.