The El Paso-based sleep disorders center added staff to its DME department, among other changes, reports EnsoData’s blog.

For patients already on therapy, in-lab manual downloads of data were necessary. Prior to the pandemic, 8 Hour’s patients were able to bring in their equipment for cleaning and management, but in the wake of COVID, they can’t do that anymore. Arellano mentions it’s also difficult to direct proper mask fittings when not in person. Trying to get compliance data downloaded in time is another related challenge. To combat these various issues, Arellano and the 8 Hour team added staff to their DME department. 

With more manpower calling to get compliances, the team started making bigger strides forward. Progress allowed for the team to create a number of telemedicine DME service appointments: allowing patients to show what they’re doing with masks and other problems, and providing staff the opportunity to walk patients through best practices and solutions.