According to US News & World Report, 14-year-old Katherine Wu created a device that uses EEG waves and eye blinks to prevent drowsy driving accidents.

Her invention uses EEG waves and eye blinks to determine driver drowsiness, she says. It then provides audio and visual signals to warn the driver if he or she is too tired to be on the road.

 The user wears a mindwave mobile headset, which sends data about the driver’s brain waves to a device about the size of a credit card the driver can place on the vehicle dashboard. The machine then generates warning signals, if needed. As the driver becomes more drowsy, visual signals progress from yellow to red to both at the same time.

Auditory signals also change from music to calm beeps to messages warning the driver to get off the road. The device can play radio stations but progresses to warnings like “You’re tired. Please take a break.”

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