National Sleep Foundation research reveals a larger percentage of women experience insomnia when compared to men, according to the Daily Mail.

At the end of a busy week, do you ever find yourself arguing with your husband about who’s more exhausted?

Though it won’t make you feel better in the long-term, take comfort in the fact that you probably are more tired than him.

That’s because, according to research by the National Sleep Foundation, women are worse sleepers than men. Its recent survey found 63 per cent of women experience insomnia a few times a week, compared with 54 per cent of men.

This difference – termed the gender sleep gap – may be partly because women are biologically programmed to be lighter sleepers. Waking up easily is a form of being on red alert so that a mother can spring into action should her baby cry during the night.

What makes it even worse is that we tend to need more sleep than men, at least an extra 20 minutes, according to Professor Jim Horner, of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre.

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