In a recent 247 Sports interview, Butch Jones, coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, said members of the team are having their sleep patterns studied.

“They actually have a system set up underneath their mattress, and we can gauge how many hours of sleep they have,” Jones said. “They have [an app] on their cell phones, and they actually have goals. They have competitions. They’re set up in groups, and they compete, and it’s changed our kids’ mindsets. They wear glasses to block out the blue light when they go to bed at night. If anyone’s having a hard time sleeping at night and you’re on your phone, it’s usually gonna take an hour longer to go to sleep, so they wear these orange goggles that block out the blue light. The mind tells your body it’s time to go to sleep.

“We’re trying to really educate them and provide them the means to really be able to rest and recover.”

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