According to The Daily Orange, a course at the University of Missouri aims to teach students the importance of sleep by focusing on sleep disorders.

The University of Missouri makes it a point to teach its students about how fundamental sleep is to their success by offering a course on sleep and sleep disorders. The course is online, so the students can learn the subject matter from the comfort of their own beds.

The course is currently taught by Dennis Miller, an associate professor in the university’s psychological sciences department, and was originally created 15 years ago as one of Mizzou’s first online courses, Miller said in an email.

“The goal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders is for students to learn about the basics of sleep behavior — both the science of sleep and its application to students’ daily lives,” Miller said. “We spend a quarter to a third of our lives asleep and through Sleep and Sleep disorders, hopefully, students will learn more about what happens during this recurring part of their daily life.”

Miller said since its development, the course has been very popular, garnering more than 200 students per semester. He said he believed this was because “sleep behavior is inherently interesting.”

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