A News.com.au report examines the pros and cons of Uberman Polyphasic sleep, which has a person taking only 20-minute naps throughout a day, and the story of a person who tried it.

IT’S as critical to our lives as food and water, and while we spend about one third of our lives sleeping — a portion of people are ‘meddling’ with the standard eight hours of shut-eye, and trying to run their bodies on just 120 minutes of sleep each day.

Known as ‘Uberman Polyphasic’ sleep, the process is what some would consider a nightmare.

The schedule sees a person switch off for just six 20-minute periods throughout the entire day, in an attempt to ‘trick’ their body into feeling wired and awake through a ‘power nap’ type high.

Those who have successfully changed their lifestyle to the Uberman pattern claim the extra six hours in the day is worth the broken rest regimen, but experts are far from convinced.

It is recommended people have seven to nine hours sleep each day, with less than five hours each day associated with problems such as heart disease.

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