A Sputnik news report indicates that an estimated 5,000 Finns took an outdoor sleep challenge and spent the night outdoors to be closer to nature.

Several thousand Finns responded to environmental activists’ calls and spent the night to Sunday outside to be closer to nature.

This unusual demonstration was organized by the NGO Suomen Latu (“Finnish Quality”), who wanted to remind its fellow Finns about every person’s right to nature by challenging them to sleep outside, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported.

To enjoy the fresh air and the starry sky, thousands of Finns spent the night in the woods, on lake shores, in courtyards of their country houses, or even on the balconies in blocks of flats.

“Start by checking off three simple things. One, check where you set up your tent to avoid having a root sticking into your back all night long. Two, choose a sleeping bag that has the right temperature, one that is neither too cold nor too hot. Myself, I dislike sleeping bags stuffed with down. Once you start sweating it gets wet and cold quickly, and down dries very slowly. Three, make sure your bedding is thick enough and warm,” Nylund advised.

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