From Samsung’s SleepSense to 3D printing, The Week takes a look at the different types of technology available to help improve sleep.

One option is using an under-mattress sleep tracker, like Samsung’s forthcoming SleepSense. The upside for owners of other smart devices is the potential to connect your sleep habits more directly to other aspects of daily life. The tracker can turn off your smart TV when you pass out, or work with your smart fridge to recommend midnight snack choices that promote more restful sleep.

With enough disposable income, even your mattress itself could change the way you sleep. Sleep Number makes mattresses that will track your habits, and Responsive Surface Technology took the idea a big step further. Using smart fabric and sensors, the bed can automatically inflate and deflate in the middle of the night to conform to the pressure your body exerts while you sleep.

Even the gaming industry wants in on sleep technology. Nintendo has patented a sleep monitor of its own, which Engadget reports could be a a sensor-equipped alarm clock that can project the information it collects.

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