A 27-year-old woman in Sydney has spent $1,500 shopping online in her sleep, as reported by News.Com.Au.

During her teenage years, Rikki Mortimore would often set three alarms during high school, because while asleep, she would switch each clock off and in turn, run late to school.

She has recently been diagnosed with insomnia, and is now taking non-addictive medication to assist with a healthy sleeping pattern.

But Rikki admits her strange sleeping behaviour didn’t start with online shopping.

“When I first started waking up, I would go to sleep and wake up wearing different clothes,” she said.

“The shopping incidents started when I fell asleep next to my laptop. When I was asleep, I guess I would just use it and go to websites I had visited during the day.”

Admittedly a big ASOS fan, Rikki said her fingers do all the talking when it comes to her sleep shopping stints.

“During the day, I look obsessively at ASOS, so my fingers know where to go,” she said.

“I have heaps of things in my shopping cart online just waiting. But most of the time I am buying things that I would never buy, so I must browse in my sleep.

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