A report from TheNewsWheel provides details on ActiveWellness, a new smart car seat system that can help prevent drowsy driving.

From automotive equipment supplier Faurecia comes a new product designed to monitor your physical and mental status and act to keep you relaxed and alert: a smart car seat system called Active Wellness.

The system is fairly simple: two sensing pads are placed in the back and seat of the driver’s chair, which use a sensing system to track your heart rate and breathing rate. So, if you get angry, maybe the chair activates a massage function, or warms up or cools down.

However, the biggest potential benefit could be preventing drowsy driving. Using proprietary algorithms, the chair could notice you are getting tired before even you realize it, then alert you.

So, while the idea of something “monitoring” or “keeping an eye on” you may make some nervous, this system could potentially save lives, as LA police Sgt. Juan Emerick believes.

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