A writer who tried out bedtime yoga poses wrote about her experience for Australian website My Body and Soul. 

The first pose is easy enough; it basically just involves lying down and putting your legs up against a wall – the kind of thing you do when you get off a plane. It’s great for blood flow, apparently. The next few moves are slightly more pretzel-y, and include sitting cross-legged and twisting your torso from side to side. Then I come to the Nighttime Goddess. The name certainly appeals to me. Lying on the bed, you bend your knees and put your heels together, which apparently helps lower your heart rate. At this point I’m starting to feel sleepy and I’m also wishing I’d invested in some pyjamas.

By the time I reach the last two poses I’m feeling decidedly mellow. The first one, Child’s Pose, is all about releasing muscular tension, while the Rock-a-Bye Roll (see what they did there?) essentially involves you rocking yourself to sleep.

By the time I put ear to pillow I definitely feel more relaxed that usual. That night, I dream about having a flying lesson, which ends in a horrific crash landing. I wake up in a pool of cold sweat, but fright quickly turns to elation when I look at the clock – I slept for more than nine hours. Success!

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