The Telegraph examines the luxury accoutrements hotels are adding to rooms to give guests a restful night’s sleep.

The Corinthia Hotel in London is ensuring it meets this fundamental requirement. Launched last summer, its Sumptuous Sleep Retreat was developed in collaboration with the renowned sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows, and takes a holistic approach to sleeping soundly. A “sleep menu” features restorative dishes rich in tryptophan – an amino acid that forms the sleep hormone melatonin – and its spa offers sleep-inducing treatments that go a step beyond the expected. “Polarity balance bodywork”, for example, counteracts the negative effects of constant mobile phone or computer use. At night, guests sink into handmade Hypnos mattresses. When I visited, restaurant staff struggled to explain the science behind the concept to me but the menu was light, tasty and satisfying; sleep comes easy in the hotel’s stylish and muted rooms too, and I can vouch for the comfort of Hypnos products.

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