A Mashable report examines the luxury mattress industry, with mattresses starting at $13,000 and advanced customizable features for sleep.

When elite society want to lay their heads down for a lavish slumber, counting designer sheep and drifting into champagne dreams, only the best will suffice. These customers turn to a world of bespoke mattress luxury, and pay in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

We talked to the brands that service these high-end clients, and of course engaged in some horizontal quality control testing ourselves…

The typical spring mattress varies in price depending on material and construction, but the average cost is $1,520. The luxury mattress market starts at $13,000 and soars to $140,000 per sleeping pad. Most models have customizable upgrades that can drive the price significantly up from there — yes, like a Rolls Royce. Some customers request rare furs, expensive metals or different fabrics.

However, none of the mattress companies were able to name their clients, but broadly mentioned wealthy businesspeople, celebrities, royalty, actors, athletes who need custom beds for their large frames and more. They all have one thing in common: money, and lots of it.

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