A new website called The Never Ending Stories is fueled by sleepers and sleep data, according to CNET.

Five participating sleepers are equipped with Beddit sensors, which monitor movement and vitals during slumber, sending data wirelessly via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device. In this case, the data interacts with The Never Ending Story website’s API to light up floating 3D objects when a volunteer sleeps.

It’s all a bit abstract, but like other recent examples of high-tech campaigns for good, it’s an innovative way to spotlight a cause. The site, navigated by clicking and dragging, is meant to highlight the work of Swedish nonprofit Reach for Change, which harnesses social entrepreneurs to improve the lives of children and wants to focus attention on problems such as the international refugee crisis and global warming.

Clicking on a pulsing object as it floats through the site’s digital black cosmos takes viewers to a story of a project realized through Reach for Change — a center for disabled children in Tanzania, for example, or woodworking workshop at a Russian orphanage.

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