A News Press report examines the impact of sleep on fitness and physical health.

Sleep is so important because, while exercise is a positive behavior for many reasons, it essentially is a stress on the body that triggers a range of metabolic responses. Without the right amount of sleep, the body actually remains in a state of heightened stress with lower energy levels and could even encourage the body to hold onto fat reserves.

When it comes to gains in fitness, sleep also creates the ideal condition for building lean muscle mass, as we synthesize protein during our sleep cycle and release human growth hormone. During these times of rest, our bodies repair, rebuild and reenergize themselves in preparation for the next bout of training.

Without proper rest, we not only perform poorly but lack of sleep can also adversely affect your physical and emotional health, leaving you feeling tired and irritable. Your immune system may also become compromised and in turn be less effective at fighting off infections and/or healing from an injury.

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