In the first study of it’s kind, looking into ‘social jet-lag’, researchers examined the responses to the Sleep Health Foundation Australia 2016 online survey of 837 people who were not shift workers, reports Men’s Health.

If you think late night shenanigans are the only reason for your tired eyes come morning, think again. A new study has revealed just how bad Australia’s sleeping habits are and it comes down a little device we usually find in our hands.

Research published today in the journal Sleep Medicine has found that in 31 per cent of participants, ‘the time they sleep is more than an hour out of sync with their body clock on weekends compared with work nights.’

“That’s a large chunk of our population whose body clocks are out of alignment, a problem known to negatively impact health and wellbeing,” says Professor Robert Adams, the study’s lead researcher and sleep specialist with the University of Adelaide and the Sleep Health Foundation.