A New York Daily News report takes a look at the NodPod, a new product designed to improve sleep during travel.

A hammock for your head, known as the NodPod, has been created. It’s made up of a memory foam head pillow that attaches to headrests with Velcro. The pillow then goes under your neck to support your head as your try to sleep while travelling.

Paula Blankenship of Heirloom Traditions Paint in Kentucky is responsible for the creation of the product. She told the Huffington Post the NodPod attaches over the seat because it gives the pillow “loft and height.”

“You don’t have any forward head motions. It looks ugly, but it feels fantastic. I just came back from London, and I have never in my life slept on a flight. I slept the entire trip,” Blankenship said.

The NodPod is currently looking to get support and funding through Kickstarter. They were originally looking for $20,000, but they’ve gone on to raise over $126,000 with 21 days of fundraising. At the time of this post, the product is backed by 3,227 people.

Photo Credit: Heirloom Traditions Paint/YouTube

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